Welcome to Inspired Reels, LLC. We are dedicated to the person who has an idea and has the knowledge and work ethic to make it successful. All they need is a helping hand to get started and the money and investment to get it off the ground. Inspired Reels will fund 100% of the venture and the only requirements for approval are:
  • It needs to be video related.
  • It needs to follow a predefined template.
  • You need to be dedicated to the project and be willing to invest your time and effort to make the venture successful.
  • You need to have the experience and knowledge related to your idea for it to be successful.
Current Ventures:
www.pigskinkids.com Dedicated to youth football with instructional videos and highlight sharing
www.pigskincoach.com Dedicated to youth football with the Pro I offensive series playbook
www.thewrestlingsite.com Dedicated to the sport of amateur wrestling Inspired by Les Anderson
www.recruitawrestler.com Dedicated to wrestling collegiate recruiting

Coming Soon

www.pigskincollegerecruiting.com Dedicated to collegiate football recruiting
www.takedownkids.com Dedicated to youth wrestling

Contact Information:
Inspired Reels, LLC
P.O. Box 4702
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
(916) 941-9377